1. More Dino Astronaut fun. #sketch http://ift.tt/1qcnZcX

  2. Dinosaur Astronaut from tonight’s Drink and Draw. http://ift.tt/1qa1HIZ


  3. Wizards of the Coast has revealed the Gynosphinx and the Androsphinx I illustrated for the Monster Manual!

  4. Another pterodrake. http://ift.tt/1sOC3Ml


  5. I know some folks on here knew Calvin. I’ve posted about his passing on my blog:

  6. Can’t sleep. Here’s a pterodrake. #sketch http://ift.tt/1t25dEm

  7. Animal cards I illustrated for Paizo’s Skull and Shackles card game. Spotted in the wild by Instagram user, upthecatpunx! http://ift.tt/1sHBpQT

  8. Shark cat variants… http://ift.tt/VhoExH


  9. Just picked these up. Highly recommend this set!

  10. More shark cats. http://ift.tt/1sSuJO7

  11. Shark-cat sketchies. http://ift.tt/1uHWiJq

  12. More feline fun for World Cat Day http://ift.tt/1u82YmE

  13. Smilodon sketch for World Cat Day. http://ift.tt/1nAGQcp


  14. Also on the blog: cleaner scans of my creepy creatures from Monster Month!


  15. You can see the monsters I illustrated for The Slave Trenches of Hakotep on my blog!