1. Creepin’ Lantern #SharkCat. Pencil & gouache. http://ift.tt/11ZdPUP

  2. Autumn Demon for #MonthofFear. Pencil, gouache & digital. You can see more at http://ift.tt/1vdgulZ http://ift.tt/1sVdn3O

  3. Autumn Demon in pencil and gouache. WIP for #MonthofFear http://ift.tt/1vpF0mG

  4. Preorders will be available next week! Preordered #SharkCat calendars will include an exclusive mini print. More info soon! http://ift.tt/11Fe0EH

  5. Dozing Whale #SharkCat. Pencil & gouache. http://ift.tt/1vx69oX

  6. Crop of Lancer Pencil http://ift.tt/1qwPJGa

  7. Lancer - Non-disclosed Game Project, Other Ocean Interactive. Posted with permission. Pencil & Digital. http://ift.tt/1qwl77V

  8. Yawning Goblin #SharkCat. Pencil, gouache & nightmares. D: http://ift.tt/1qqcefW


  9. See all the monsters I illustrated for the new Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual here:

  10. Great White #SharkCat. The calendar is shaping up! More info soon. :) http://ift.tt/1skq09J

  11. Basking #SharkCat having some issues with kibbles. http://ift.tt/1vUsuve

  12. Lazy Leopard #SharkCat in pencil & gouache. :) http://ift.tt/1pSjgtz


  13. Redesigning the Peryton for Dungeons & Dragons on my blog!

  14. Drawing creatures at the San Francisco Day School today! :) http://ift.tt/1y1ylBo

  15. Stretching Male Lamia for Dungeons & Dragons, 2013. © Wizards of the Coast. http://ift.tt/1s4nW5r