1. The Rust Monster I illustrated for Dungeons & Dragons was spoiled on Forbes today! You can see more of it on my website.

  2. Framed dragon #sketch http://ift.tt/YP8NJk

  3. Framed #Kaiju #sketch for a sketchbook display at an upcoming show. http://ift.tt/XrDCSW

  4. Two #SharkCats - mako and lemon, pencil and gouache. http://ift.tt/1svGhHb

  5. Quick Goblin #SharkCat sketch. :3 http://ift.tt/1tzmODN

  6. Temporary mock up. Coming this fall… http://ift.tt/1AwvWvf

  7. Chubs got a color job too. :P http://ift.tt/1tzYaGO

  8. I can’t stop making them. (pencil & gouache) http://ift.tt/1AfR8W8

  9. Quick fat shark cat doodle. :P http://ift.tt/WlPs07

  10. Just wanted to share some work from Jacob Rossacci! He’s been making strides with his creature design and it’s exciting to see updates from him in my inbox.

    http://ift.tt/1nz3Qtv http://ift.tt/1pP6Vv1

  11. piece of Yog-Sothoth http://ift.tt/1lDiBQj

  12. Dunkleo-baboon sketchies. http://ift.tt/1w8LoNI


  13. myfriendthom said: just a guess, but i bet you love read James Gurney's Dinotopia books. Also, mad jealous of your art. I hope you have a radical day!

    Oh yes!! I looked through them countless times as a kid but I need to actually read them through, haha! Gurney’s work is so incredible. I love following his blog.

    Thank you! I hope you have a radical day as well! :)


  14. flamingosdynasti said: oh my gosh your art is so amazing!

    Aw shucks, thank you! :)

  15. I’ve begun scanning and laying out the first few pages of Endeavor Vol. 2 to be released next year! (cover could change) #Endeavor2015 http://ift.tt/1CqCKOY