1. "I was told there would be eggs." #sketch http://ift.tt/1eRtYRe

  2. Round two on the light table today. #sketch http://ift.tt/1hYVME0

  3. Rethinking some things. Looking to the African Bush Viper for reference today. Lil’ cuties! : 3 http://ift.tt/1hYeiwm

  4. New piece in the works! :) #sketch http://ift.tt/1laqRGV


  5. Leaked! The Carrion Crawler was one of the many monsters I had the pleasure of redesigning and illustrating for the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons! More to come soon.

  6. Peek inside the proof of my new sketchbook. It will debut at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in May! #Endeavor2014 http://ift.tt/1gINsGB

  7. Worked out little sand sprinters at the bar last night. #sketch http://ift.tt/1eRgm36


  8. Here’s a recent interview, thanks to Michael Dambold!

  9. Sometimes it’s fun to come across older drawings. You see where you’ve improved and where you should go next. http://ift.tt/1qAIcYv


  10. This May I will be exhibiting with Michael Manomivibul Illustration at Spectrum Art Live! More announcements to come! :)


  11. Hey folks! If you are in the Bay Area, you must see this show!


  12. Huge thank you to everyone who made this first preorder an amazing and humbling experience. I’m very excited to send Endeavor Vol. 1 to the printer today! :) 

  13. Been getting lots of sketchbook drawing done being sick and all. :P #sketch http://ift.tt/1gN824k


  14. Looks like checkout is back online! You can complete your preorder here: http://brynnartstore.bigcartel.com/product/endeavor-vol-1-preorder

    Sorry for the trouble!


  15. Hey folks! Bigcartel is having some issues with checkout for my sketchbook preorder at the moment. I am working to get it sorted, thanks! :)