2. darkdraculina said: I wasn't aware that you did illustrations for the Elder Scrolls Online! I just found some of yours in the Hero's Guides that I just bought!

    Yep! I illustrated the First Section of “Kyne’s Challenge: A Hunter’s Companion” and the complete “Agents and Reagents: The Bounty of Mundus.” :D

  3. Little dino #sketch http://ift.tt/1oEtIb7


  4. You can see the Owlbear I illustrated for D&D Next on my blog!

  5. Toothy sketches http://ift.tt/WFrFsA


  6. New blog post! How I use Pinterest to generate quick ideas for creature concepts:

  7. The owlbear I illustrated for the upcoming Monster Manual was featured in the new D&D Starter Set! http://ift.tt/1zXQi36


  8. Start your week off right with this inspiring post: Zelda Devon Art shares what she’s learned so far.


  9. Here’s a new blog post with a bunch of sand runner sketches!

  10. Little trapper person #sketch. http://ift.tt/1jW0gO1


  11. Here’s a quick blog post I wrote on color and pattern in creature design a while back:

  12. Something fun in pencil and gouache. http://ift.tt/1ncE0tI

  13. When life gives you lemons, draw a basilisk playing with a football. http://ift.tt/1mXEGaO


  14. Also, did you know I have a newsletter?


  15. There’s a cleaner scan of my dragon drawing from earlier on my blog: